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The history of our company began in the early sixties, when Leonardo Atzori and his wife Dolores gave life to a small bakery.
The passion and dedication of the family has led to a succession of historic steps , so that constant evolution and quality embodied in the development of laboratory confectionery and pastry.
All this thanks to the contribution of four sons Marco, Massimiliano, Antonello e Stefano that shall ensure continuityu and growth. The home-made recipes are the base of our products in full compliance with regional traditions. The use of natural ingredients allows our company to offer a wide range of specialties that keep alive the flavor and the authenticity of the island. The accurate processing of almonds, sugar, egg, ricotta cheese and natural flavors, can offer a wide variety of typical sardinian sweets.

The quality of local honey, wine of Sapa and prickly pear enhance the flavors of our products. The fragrance of the typical bread and thorough treatment of fresh pulp allowed us to meet fully the needs of our customers. Furthermore our pastry includes production of: Panettone, Pandoro, Colombe, Easter eggs and lots of typical carnival sweets that highlight the delicacy craft, ready to be confirmed at any festive feast .Our products enrich all the traditional ceremonies : from weddings to christenings, from birthdays to religious festivals, playing a leading role in festivals and food fairs.

The certifications in safety and food hygiene in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 155 dated 26/05/1997 certifying the reliability of our company by virtue of the adjustment to European standards in the food.
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